Kero-dev - Terms and Conditions

General Terms

By utilizing services offered by Kero-dev at, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms:

  1. Server Usage:
  • We retain the right to suspend any server used for website hosting.
  • This agreement is exclusively between the client and Kero-dev and requires full comprehension and agreement during contract signing or online order placement.
  • We do not actively monitor content but possess the authority to suspend or inspect service content if illegal activity is detected or mandated by local or international authorities.
  • Usage of illegal software or infringement upon intellectual property rights authorizes us to suspend the service pending resolution upon a formal complaint.
  1. Script Selling Terms (Added):
  • All PHP scripts acquired from Kero-dev become the property of the buyer for personal or commercial use, subject to the script's accompanying license agreement.
  • Each script is accompanied by a license agreement delineating usage terms, and buyers are obligated to read and adhere to these specified terms.
  • Script modifications are permissible unless expressly prohibited by the license agreement.
  • Reselling or distributing scripts without explicit written consent from Kero-dev is strictly prohibited.
  1. Hosting Terms:
  • We assume that shared hosting content managed by clients adheres to legal standards.
  • Complaints regarding illegal content empower us to suspend the concerned server and notify the client for resolution.
  1. Servers Terms:
  • We assure a continuous Internet connection and power source for servers, excluding disconnections caused by client behavior or general situations outside the datacenter scope.
  • Server parts replacement is guaranteed within two days after client notification, excluding software or OS installation.
  • IP addresses associated with dedicated server services are owned by Kero-dev and are non-transferable.

Billing and Payments

  1. Payment Terms:
  • All payments are for requested services and are non-refundable.
  • Invoice reminders will be sent based on billing cycles before the due date.
  • Overdue invoices authorize service suspension until payment is made, and termination may occur without data retrieval rights.
  1. Service Orders and Termination:
  • We reserve the right to reject service orders without specifying reasons.
  • Clients can request service details after fully paying the invoice.
  • Paid amounts are non-refundable, and services cannot be replaced.

Privacy and Legal Responsibilities

  1. Privacy and Legal:
  • We commit to safeguarding the privacy of client personal details unless formally requested by a governmental institution.
  • Clients using the service indemnify us from legal prosecution, damage, or loss resulting from their use of the service.
  1. Agreement Changes:
  • Kero-dev reserves the right to add, modify, or delete any term of this agreement at any time, and clients must stay updated on changes.

Kero-dev Script Selling Terms

By purchasing and utilizing PHP scripts from Kero-dev at, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Script Ownership and Usage:

  • All PHP scripts acquired from Kero-dev become the property of the buyer and may be used for personal or commercial purposes, as outlined in the script's license agreement.

2. License Agreement:

  • Each script is accompanied by a license agreement specifying the terms of use. Buyers are required to read and adhere to the terms stated in the license agreement associated with each script.

3. Script Modifications:

  • Buyers have the right to modify scripts to suit their specific needs, except where expressly prohibited by the license agreement.

4. Distribution and Resale:

  • Reselling or distributing scripts, in whole or in part, without explicit written consent from Kero-dev is strictly prohibited.

5. Support and Updates:

  • Kero-dev may provide support and updates for scripts as outlined in the script's license agreement. Support and updates may be subject to additional fees unless otherwise specified.

6. Refunds and Exchanges:

  • All script sales are final. Kero-dev does not offer refunds or exchanges unless there is a technical issue preventing the proper functioning of the script, and the issue cannot be resolved within a reasonable timeframe.

7. Compatibility:

  • It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the purchased script is compatible with their server environment and meets their specific requirements. Compatibility information is provided on the product page.

8. Script Delivery:

  • Upon successful payment, the buyer will receive a download link or access to the script. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the provided contact information is accurate for timely delivery.

9. Script Security:

  • Kero-dev takes measures to ensure the security of scripts; however, buyers are responsible for implementing additional security measures as necessary to protect their systems.

10. Updates to Script Terms:

  • Kero-dev reserves the right to update the terms and conditions for script sales at any time. Buyers are encouraged to review the terms periodically.

Additional Hosting and Server Terms

  1. Content Compliance:
  • Clients are responsible for legal compliance in shared hosting content.
  • Overloading server resources may lead to service suspension.
  1. Script Security:
  • While we take measures to ensure script security, clients are responsible for additional security measures.
  1. VPN Server Hosting:
  • Laws and Regulations in Saudi Arabia prevent the hosting of VPN servers.

Thank you for choosing Kero-dev! If you have any questions, please contact our support team at [email protected] or +201010110600.